CloudTrail is a great tool for monitoring and managing your AWS accounts. This service records API calls and changes made to resources in real-time. It also helps you identify operational problems before they happen by enabling built-in filtering mechanisms. By analyzing event history and making use of a custom dashboard, you can quickly identify the cause and prevent recurrence of the problem. In addition, CloudTrail allows you to set up multiple regions for different applications and monitor each region separately.

It is possible to set up a forensic search and analytics process to identify suspicious activity in the logs. In this case, the user has accessed the cloud service by deleting all files from an S3 bucket. When the administrator of the environment re-entries the bucket, they can view CloudTrail logs and determine who was responsible for this activity. This is particularly helpful when there is a potential threat. Moreover, CloudTrail can be used for investigations of network-based attacks.CloudTrail can also be used for forensic investigation of cyberattacks. Using the sharedEventID and malicious CloudTrail logs, investigators can identify and pursue a suspected malicious AWS account. If the AWS account has been hacked, this is an important piece of evidence. If you are concerned about a security incident or breach, CloudTrail can help you prove it. The information stored in CloudTrail can be useful in investigating criminal activity.